Luminescent Communications partners with EyeOnline Agency to bring the best in marketing expertise for the European market to your business.

EyeOnline Agency, located in the bustling heart of Paris, France, is a company with the vision and vast experience needed to help your business grow and expand into new markets.

Founded by an entrepreneur who was integrally connected to the development and rise of Vistaprint, EyeOnline Agency has the skill set to take you where you want to go. Their team of professionals has an in depth knowledge of the European cultures and the business climate of that region, enabling them to help you to meet your company objectives on a global scale.

EyeOnline Agency understands that language barriers can be an obstacle to business relationships. With Luminescent Communications and EyeOnline working together, you have crossover marketing excellence on your side. Cultural business relevance is maximized, and there are no embarrassing language “faux pas” to worry about. Leveraging our EyeOnline Agency partnership, we will navigate the foreign cultural waters for you – allowing you the freedom to attend to the business of building your business.

Does your business need representation in Europe? Do you need an expert in translating your website from English to French or German? Let us put our Paris partnership to work for your business!

Contact Luminescent Communications now at 1-902-304-4707 to learn more about how to successfully bring your company to or expand your business in the European market.