About Luminescent Communications

Imagine that you had the chance to gain instant recognition for your expertise. How is this possible? Publish a book. It offers automatic approval, respect, and authority bookended between a front and back cover. Through our sister company, Forward Publishing, you can take your company to the next level by publishing a book.

Our team of writers can work with you to plan your next book. Have you already started a manuscript? We can edit it, polish it, and design a professional cover. Do you have plans for a book but no time to write? We can ghostwrite your book, custom-made according to your instructions. We’d love to make your dream of publishing a book a reality!

We also offer the opportunity to advertise and publish articles through Forward Magazine. Market your book, products, or services to a select audience of people of faith. Through Forward Magazine, you can also open doors for speaking opportunities. Or write an article and spark connections with like-minded people. Grow your church or business through Forward Magazine. Contact us today to learn more!

Why write a book?

  • Establish instant credibility in your field
  • Introduce yourself and your business to potential clients
  • Network with other authors and publishers
  • Capture positive media coverage
  • Expand your market to include new customers, industries, and continents
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Open doors to teach or speak as a respected expert
  • Build client trust and loyalty

We can help you create…

  • Company and founder biographies
  • How-to books focused on your products
  • Journals and devotional guides tailored to your church’s needs
  • Kindle Ebooks
  • Compilations of case studies or success stories from your business

Getting published takes your business, church, or non-profit to a new level of professional expertise.

What are you waiting for? Call us at 902 304-4707, and let’s get started!