Would your ministry or non-profit benefit from extra fundraising support?

Do your supporters share your vision and dedication? Let us tell the compelling story behind your ministry or non-profit. Our team of writers can distill your passion into a readable, compelling narrative. Introducing names and faces, not just facts and numbers, we can touch their hearts. Once they trust your heart and share your vision, we can offer them the opportunity to invest.

Through email, social media, and direct mail, we can both build relationships with donors and grow your donor list. Our team of writers can manage your donor emails. We can create quality content tailored to your donors—updates, videos, and firsthand stories. As your organization develops excellent donor relationships, you can watch your fundraising grow exponentially.

We can grow your fundraising through…

  • Quality content for your donors to read and share
  • A VIP donor club with perks—webinars, ebooks, exclusive content
  • A sign up box for your email list on your website
  • A giveaway that asks for email addresses
  • Print materials for direct mail or personal contacts
  • Quality content for your donors to read and share

We offer…

  • Copywriting and editing services
  • Graphic design and direct mail creation
  • Email list management and scheduling
  • Social media services
  • Comprehensive fundraising strategies
  • Reverse email appending

Do you want to expand your fundraising but just don’t have the time?

We’d love to help you share your vision with a greater audience.

Give us a call at 902 304-4707 today.