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We're here to help you build a successful marketing strategy and succeed in its implementation! Luminescent Communications Inc. is a family owned and operated business located on the east coast of Canada. Within our consultation and white-label content writing process we leverage the expertise and experience of marketing professionals with industry-specific experience from across the globe. This formula provides you with a go-forward marketing plan you can implement with confidence.

who we are

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Our People - Your Message - A Partnership That Works

SEO Strategy Consulting

Providing a roadmap to get your site ranking for critical keywords and phrases.

Website Strategy Consulting

Delivering actionable intel to make your site more user friendly and sales oriented.

Content Marketing Consulting

Enabling you to develop warm leads on autopilot through informational/educational marketing.

Social Media Consulting

Helping you take full advantage of YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

White-Label Content Writing

Taking the burden of email, blog, website, and ebook writing off of your shoulders.


Our People - Your Message - A Partnership That Works

Getting YOUR Message to the Masses

Seven essential strategies to transform your organization’s online presence

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Three Things You Need to Know...


We can’t wave a magic wand and fix your marketing challenges in a puff of rainbow-colored fairy dust. – It takes work and time.


The consulting process requires transparency and an open mind. – Anything else will have a less-than-optimal result.


Change is hard and is sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s worth the effort.

who we are

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