Organize and collaborate with your supporters and mobilize your resources to gain more support for your cause in your community!

We know how to make your advertising dollar stretch. — We do it every day for non-profits just like yours across the country. Let us help you do more for the people you serve and the community that depends on your service. We can take the pressure off of your in-house staff that is overburdened with trying to do marketing in addition to their already stressful and hectic schedule.

How do we do it?

  • Customized Websites – the new front door of your organization
  • Writing – getting the message out in articles, blogs, press releases and books
  • Publishing – helping you establish more credibility with your audience
  • Social Media – connecting with your supporters and new people
  • Fundraising & Events – enabling you to gain support for projects and to host life-changing events

Why do we do it?

Sure, there is much more money in going after corporate marketing accounts, but that’s not us. The forward team works with businesses in order to be able to offer services to non-profits at a more reasonable cost than our competitors. We believe that supporting the good work of charities and non-profits is part of being a good corporate citizen. Our own staff is involved in supporting and volunteering for churches, non-profits, and charities within their hometowns.

How does it work?

Each month we will talk on the phone or video chat to plan ahead for your upcoming needs, calendar events and projects. We then will put together a strategy to get your messaging surrounding those items to your target audience or broader community. Everything else, we take care of for you.

What control do I have?

You are in charge. We exist to serve you. Nothing goes out under your organization’s name without express approval from your leadership – or appointed marketing point-person.

Let us help you!

Pick up the phone today and call us at 902 304-4707. We want to know all about you and your mission!