Hi Cape Breton! Are you ready for GREAT Small Business Marketing?

Sometimes it’s great to be the little guy! Cape Breton is a small island with a small town feel – and we like it that way. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee and an oatcake in a café on the Cabot Trail or taking in a show at the Highland Arts Theater in downtown Sydney, you feel like you’re with family from coast to coast of this magnificent island.

But even in a community that feels like family, you still feel like your business could be doing better.  You’re ready to serve the island, but you’re just not sure the island knows you’re there!  You wonder if they have heard about your Cape Breton-based small business in North Sydney, Glace Bay, or  New Waterford.  And if not, why not?

The answer is simple.  Strategic marketing and advertising can let the island – and the rest of the world – know that your Cape Breton small business is there and ready to meet their needs.

But I don’t know enough about building websites, SEO, and social media marketing…

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then.  Your small business in Cape Breton is built on your expertise.  You know your field inside and out, backwards and forward.  Now, you need a company that knows marketing and advertising. A company that knows and just “gets” Cape Breton culture to partner with you to grow your business.

Where can I find a Cape Breton-based marketing and advertising company to help me?

The task can seem insurmountable.  And there are lots of companies willing to take your money.  They’ll all offer promises.  Who can you really trust?

Enter Luminescent Communications.  Based in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Luminescent Communications operates in the field where you serve.  With over twenty years of experience serving the clients of Cape Breton, the staff of Forward Church Marketing have the knowledge and expertise of both the culture and the market trends of the island to get your business noticed.

Luminescent Communications offers marketing and advertising for churches in Atlantic Canada that would fit the budget of any local small business.  From website design to social media presence to print advertising and mixed media, Luminescent Communications takes he future of your company or church seriously and has the skill set to take you there.

Let’s face it.  This island is special, and so is your business.  Forward Church Marketing and Design knows the unique challenges Cape Breton based churches face, and its staff knows the best way to navigate them.

Need to get your small Cape Breton business or church name out there?

Call Luminescent Communications now at (902) 304-4707 to speak to a professional marketer about customizing a plan for your company.