The world is changing around us.

Millions of North Americans have moved from getting their news in a nightly half-hour broadcasts and daily newspapers to highly personalized and curated news items via social media and blog/video posts.

But before we bemoan the demise of print and broadcast news, we must look at one word, democratization.

Simply put, the rise of the internet and social media has made it possible for anyone to easily and quickly disseminate information.

People worldwide are now getting their own message out and are being heard because they no longer have to go through the gatekeepers of the newsroom and fight for column inches and precious broadcast minutes.

God has opened up an opportunity of immense proportions.

But unfortunately, churches by the hundreds of thousands are not taking advantage of the opportunity we like to call Content Evangelism.

What is Content Evangelism?

It’s the Gospel and teachings of Jesus put online for the world to read.

It’s that simple.

Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

What if I told you the easiest and cheapest way for your church to begin – or supplement your current efforts – to go into all the world is from your computer, tablet, or smartphone?

A recent conversation with a 30 year veteran of the information technology industry gave me this insight.

He said, “Seventy percent of the visitors to our website are not from our local area.”

I thought, “Great!”

That means that 3 out of 10 have a chance to attend your church and 7 out of 10 have the chance to hear and read about Christ, His gospel, and His teachings.

Let’s put this another way…

Have you noticed that it is harder to communicate the Gospel in the way that we used to do it?

It’s harder to grab people’s attention, harder to get them to answer a door, harder to get access to high-rise buildings –

Harder to get them to look up from their smartphones to engage them in conversation.

So what’s the answer?

Part of the answer lies in finding new ways to speak the language and enter into the communications patterns of our new cultural norm.

What the whole answer to modern evangelism is, no one knows…


One tool that God has given us is Content Evangelism.

Getting content on blogs, websites, and social media that is targeted to your local – and global – audience is key.

You connect with people where they are.

You utilize their language – the internet.

You communicate at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Content evangelism is always running  – 24/7/365.

What you write on your website, blog, or social media today, could be picked up by someone and read in five months or five years and still be as useful as the day it was written.

There is power in the written word.

We as believers know that…

So why have churches been so slow to use Bible teaching and Gospel content as an evangelistic tool?

Sure, we’re very good at using our websites for our internal church stuff (church marketing)…

After all, we all love a good bake sale or potluck dinner, don’t we?

We even like to have the pastor’s sermons on the website. Nobody listens to them much, but having them there makes us feel like we’ve entered the modern era…

But what about Content Evangelism?

What about words that can be searched by Google and answers that can easily be found by a searching heart?

What about using the powerful, global tool that sits on your office desk?

The words your church puts on your website, blog, and social media can be used by God to reach into places that you cannot go and connect with people that you will never meet.

Church marketing and is making an impact today locally and around the world and Forward Church Marketing is here to help all churches and organizations in Canada and the US advertise their message online.

Begin a concerted effort at Content Marketing.

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